PAVs - Push Around Verticals

Manual and powered low level access machines

Powered Access Machines

Choose from the impressive Pop-up+ or the larger Boss X3X. Both MEWPs provide powered access, are safe and easy to use, and fit through a standard doorway. All of our MEWPs are thoroughly checked by our on site engineers and will have a valid LOLER certificate before coming out to you. Should any problems arise whilst using our MEWPs, our engineers can quickly assist you over the phone or with a visit to your site.

Manual Access Machines

M&S Hire Ltd offers the latest in non-powered access. We can provide ECO lift and PECO lifts that offer power free, battery-free, fuel-free access.

With both the ECO lift and PECO lift manually powered lifts, no climbing is necessary; access is achieved by manually winding the lift to the height desired. They are simple, fast, and safe to use, and due to the fact no fuel is required they are eco-friendly and have very low running costs. All lifts are thoroughly checked by our on-site engineers and provided with valid LOLER certificates before coming to you. Along with the great branding of ECO lift and PECO lift products, If you do experience any issues whilst using them our engineers can quickly assist over the phone or with a visit to the site.