Secured storage & materials solutions

M&S Hire offers a range of storage solutions designed with security in mind to protect tools, chemicals and fittings on site.

Site Box

Our most popular storage solution is the standard steel site box (TB3). This measures 4'x'2'x2' (1.25mx0.6mx0.6m) and weighs 115kg.
It is lockable, made from 3mm Steel and features twin 5 lever deadlocks, castors and gas arms. It also has two side handles and is mounted on wheels for easy lifting and transportation.

Tool Store

Toolstores (TS7) are the larger version of our site boxes with the same security features as our standard box. The toolstore measures 4'x4'x2'(1.25mx1.25mx0.6m) and weighs 150kg. This unit is shelved to maximise storage space. It is also mounted on wheels for easy transportation.

Fittings Cabinet

Our fittings cabinets have unique storage compartments designed to secure site fittings.
They measure 0.9mx1.65mx0.6m and weigh 150kg. They are made of 2mm steel, have double entry doors, 22 storage compartments and are mounted on wheels with breaks for easy and controlled movement.

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