M&S Hire believes that quality products matched with a quality service is the cornerstone to the business being successful and will ensure our prosperous future.

To achieve this aim the company has produced a quality manual that outlines how our business will operate. This is further supported by the company’s procedures and processes that define how work activities are to be performed. The CSR documents, the quality manual and our procedures are reviewed annually. This achieves our commitment to continuous improvement as well as meeting the requirements for our standards.


We aim to provide Specialist Access Solutions to all trades working within the construction industry. In pursuing this mission, we will deliver value through our commitment to safety, excellence in design, quality and customer service.

“Clean, well maintained kit, delivered on time every time”

Quality Characteristics

These are the customers’ expectations of the products and services.

  • Functionality

Our customers expect the equipment they have hired to be ‘fit for purpose’. That is it functions correctly to allow they to safety work at height with no concerns over the equipment. They also expect that all the equipment meets all safety and regulatory requirements.

  • Service

Our customers expect prompt deliveries at the agreed schedule, when the order is placed.

  • Expertise

Our customers expect our staff to be knowledgeable in access solutions and to use this knowledge in helping our customers with their needs.

  • Reliability

Our customers expect M&S Hire’s equipment to be reliable and fault free.